Importance of „Community“ Radio Stations for Local Community

Community Radio Charter for Europe identifies goals that should be strived to achieve and shared among community radio stations, taking into consideration that radio of local community, including “community” radio stations is ideal asset for fostering freedom of expression and information, culture development, freedom of form and confrontation of opinions, active participation in local living, while mentioning that culture and tradition diversities brings the variety of community radio forms. Among others, editorially independent from government, business and religious institutions, political parties in determining program policies, promoting rights of communication, assisting free flow of information and opinions, encouraging creative expression and contribute democratic process and pluralistic society.

Examples from various parts of the World shows that profit oriented media exhibit lack of public interest in their program, while strong interdependence between state, market and media, political and interest pressures, seriously undermine capability of media to be guardians of democracy. Because of its public interest focus and wider local community themes, a non-for-profit medium that includes community radio stations are bringing themes and events that are undergoing the commercial media radar and gaining importance in European Union countries.

In some European Union member countries, more precisely France, community radio sector counts more than 600 radio stations, participating program and managed by community while offering opportunity for communication and objective information of listeners.

Right of communication in Bosnia and Herzegovina via community sector

How much is right of communication and information important in BH, how much in fact are the citizens actual recipients of information and how much are they the one who inform, how much is their voice important in process of European integrations BH is aspiring over past years

As is well known, right of communication enables humans to express individually and collectively by various media. It is vitally important to fully participate society development and surpasses freedom of thinking and expressing, because it includes areas as democratic media management, media ownership and control, culture diversity, right of language and education, privacy, peaceful gathering and self-determination.

Vesta Radio jointly with representatives of other community radio stations form BH tends to create stimulating environment for development of community radio in BH, larger and better regulation of financing and sustainability of this form of journalism for needs of local community as well as for citizens themselves.

Vesta Radio as community radio station operates upon principles objective and professional information, liberated form political influence, in synergy with local community, in order to jointly better contribute to culture pluralism and stimulate citizens to actively participate society

Popularizing questions significant for local community and promotion of universal democratic values in media space, Vesta Radio is open for collaboration with other community radio stations and networking with other media around idea of community radio at Western Balkans and broader.